ACTion group


Advise, Certify, and Train


Safety Management Systems

We develop, implement, and maintain Safety Managements Systems in accordance to industry standards of excellence, Sub Chapter M, Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA), AWO - Responsible Carrier Program (RCP), and International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

Document/Data management Solutions

We are a Helm CONNECT official partner and can provide a turn key solution to your document control, data management, and regulatory compliance needs.

Third-Party Vendor Vetting

Our vetting services include management vetting, vessel vetting, and company representation when you are being vetted.

Technical Writing

Our technical writing includes United States Coast Guard - Vessel Response Plans, Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans, Vessel Transfer Procedures, Facility Security Plans, Facility Operations Manuals, and Facility Response Plans.

Other services

Our other services include the facilitation of Certificate of Inspection (COI) application process (From development to receipt of COI), hazard analysis, root cause analysis, incident investigations, and your project management needs


Maritime Transportation Security Act

We conduct vessel and facility MTSA security audits and can prepare you for a United States Coast Guard inspection.


We can handle your AWO RCP/Sub Chapter M management and vessel audits.


We can handle your Sub Chapter M internal or external survey program.


Security Training

We offer instructor led or online security training for CSO, VSO, Crewmen with Security Duties, FSO, Facility Personnel with Security Duties and Facility Personnel with out Security Duties.

Learning Management System

We have partnered with Seamen’s Church Institute to provide a comprehensive mobile learning platform to meet your training needs.

Instructor Training

Through ACTSafe Training we offer a variety of the best-in-class training.