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Marine casualty reporting forms updated

Orginally posted on Maritime Commons

Posted by LT Amy Midgett on August 5, 2019

The CG-2692 series of forms for reporting marine casualties has been re-approved by the Office of Management and Budget and updated with the new expiration date of July 31, 2022. The revised forms can be found on the Office of Investigation and Casualty Analysis website:

  • CG-2692: Report of Marine Casualty, Commercial Diving Casualty, or OCS-Related Casualty

  • CG-2692A: Barge Addendum

  • CG-2692B: Report of Mandatory Chemical Testing Following a Serious Marine Incident Involving Vessels in Commercial Service

  • CG-2692C: Personnel Casualty Addendum

  • CG-2692D: Involved Persons and Witnesses Addendum

Owners, agents, masters, operators, or persons in charge of vessels should begin using the updated versions of the CG-2692 series immediately.